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Our mission is to support and guide the community of Rothsay with sustainable growth that is generational.

Our vision is to embrace our bedroom community and small-town values to create opportunities that benefit and enhance housing, business, and community well-being.

Core Values



It is important to be open and transparent about the focus of the RAEDA and show the community our goals and focus areas.


Outcome Driven

The outcome of the goals and impact we want to make should be values based and clearly stated to ensure they are SMART (Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Tangible)


Positive Attitude

Focus on what we can control vs what we cannot. Identify the positive aspects and work through the challenges.



We are grateful for our volunteers that create positive impact for important community outcomes; being reliable to supporting them is critical.



We are a bedroom community, and we must embrace it and be realistic about what we can and should do to make us unique from the larger communities.


Open Minded

Out of the box thinking and considering all possible options to drive positive change need to be considered.



Everyone comes from different backgrounds and experience. We will not always agree but we will respect all points of view.

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