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Help Support our LOCAL Restaurants continue to operate during the Coronavirus related closures. Below you will find special take-out menus you can order from. Curbside Pickup and Delivery Options are available locally to Rothsay starting Wednesday, March 18.

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Delivery options are also available! Please contact City Hall for more information 218-867-2254

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March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Rothsay Community:


As our state and nation learns more about the Coronavirus National Emergency, I think it’s abundantly clear that there is no playbook on how to manage this as the rules of the game are continually shifting and changing. Our leadership at the State and National level are doing their best to share and distribute information, best practices and advice. We, as a community need to continue doing our best to keep ahead of the curve and do what we can to eliminate any spread of this virus.


The City of Rothsay will be following the guide and recommendations of the CDC and the MN Department of Health, and with that we will be making some changes within the City. All these changes are effective now and through the end of Monday, April 6. At the regular City Council meeting on April 6, the City Council will reassess and make decisions based on current events as well as guidelines from the CDC and MN Department of Health. The changes are:


  • The Rothsay Events Center (REC), Fitness Center and the Community Center will all be closed starting Tuesday, March 17.

    • Any planned events will need to be rescheduled (we will be reaching out to those people / organizations)

    • We will be in contact with members this week to discuss membership and deposit refund options. This may take us a few days to get a hold of everyone, so please be patient.

  • The Monthly Rothsay Fire & Rescue meeting will be for Chiefs & Captains only.

  • Day to Day City Operations will remain the same with some slight changes.

    • Access to the City Office will be limited to the Walk-Up window only with very few exceptions. Phone calls would be appreciated as much as possible, rather than walk-ins.

    • Jordan and Eric will continue their normal day to day activities to ensure things are operating as needed.

    • If you don’t feel well, call us, don’t come to the office.

  • We’ve had several people ask if we can create a temporary ‘Rothsay Food Shelf’ to help those that may need some extra help. We think this is a great idea and this is our plan for the time being:

    • If you have non-perishable foods, please bring them to the Community Center and place them in the entrance hallway. We will have some boxes available for you to drop things in.

    • If you have some perishable foods you’d like to donate, please contact the City Office and we will coordinate with you.

    • If you would like to prepare a meal for a person or family in need, please contact the City Office and we will coordinate with you.

    • If you, or someone you know within the community could use some help, please contact the City office and we will help you (we will keep things very confidential)

  • If you, or someone you know needs some assistance for someone to pick up groceries, run some errands, etc. We have people in the community willing to help you out. Again, give the City Office a call and we can help coordinate.

Folks, our local restaurants will be hurting during this time as well, and will need help from all of us. The State has ordered, starting at 5pm today, they cannot have anyone in their restaurants….they were given less than 24 hours’ notice of this change. They can still offer take-out, curb side pick-up, or delivery. They City is working with these restaurants to help organize some community efforts to do what we can to continue to support them. We will be:

  • Putting a new page on the Website with menu and ordering information (we will share soon).

  • We are organizing volunteers within our community to help with delivery. If you would like to take a delivery shift, please contact the City Office.

  • Again, if you’re not feeling well, place an order, stay home and your food will be delivered to you.


In this odd and difficult time, these restaurants will need our help more than ever to be able to stay open after this Coronavirus pandemic is over, so please make extra efforts to call in an order a handful of times (or more) and support our local restaurants.


Lastly, if you have any symptoms, please stay home. We understand this is not an ideal situation for anyone, but as a community we are all here to help each other. If you’re not feeling well and need something, ask a friend or neighbor for some help. Give the City Office a call and we will find someone that can help you, your family, and your friends.


When this is all done, we will be organizing a community ‘Back to Normal’ celebration….and the better we take care of ourselves, the sooner we can have this celebration.


Any questions, please do not hesitate to call the City Office, or send me an email or give me a phone call.


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Joe Tillman

Mayor of Rothsay


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